Birthday show at Beat Kitchen

Hey y’all, I’m turning 31 in a few weeks, and nothing captures the way I feel about it quite like the devastating caterwaul of my band, Lavisher.

So we’re playing a show. You can get your tickets right here!

Come and witness the haunting melancholy of Gavin’s sweet voice. Enter the time-banding vortex of Gabe’s merciless drumming. Adam and I will also be there, and so will @ModelStranger, who were kind enough to put the whole thing together AND who are debuting a fresh music video of their own at the show.

Come hear the songs from the kickass debut record we put out last summer, which Reader said they appreciated us submitting for review.

Details below. Come buy me a drink!

When: Saturday, March 24 at 9:00

Where: Beat Kitchen, 2100 W Belmont Ave