Birthday show at Beat Kitchen

Hey y’all, I’m turning 31 in a few weeks, and nothing captures the way I feel about it quite like the devastating caterwaul of my band, Lavisher.

So we’re playing a show. You can get your tickets right here!

Come and witness the haunting melancholy of Gavin’s sweet voice. Enter the time-banding vortex of Gabe’s merciless drumming. Adam and I will also be there, and so will @ModelStranger, who were kind enough to put the whole thing together AND who are debuting a fresh music video of their own at the show.

Come hear the songs from the kickass debut record we put out last summer, which Reader said they appreciated us submitting for review.

Details below. Come buy me a drink!

When: Saturday, March 24 at 9:00

Where: Beat Kitchen, 2100 W Belmont Ave

Tickets on sale for 8/20 in Wicker Park

It's been a while since you've heard from me. I've had my head down in the studio, writing new songs with Gabe and Pat, experimenting with some new sounds and even doing a bit of recording.

There's lots to catch up on, but we have a chance to do it in person pretty soon. Get your tickets to hang with us in Wicker Park on Saturday, Aug. 20. Music starts at 9:00, but only for people over 21. Sorry, kids.


Show THURSDAY, + new interviews

Hey, everybody! Don't forget to get your tickets for Thursday's show at Martyrs'There's more info on Facebook. I play at 9:00 p.m., then again with Shadow of the Titan, after The Runaway Five. Trust me on this show: You'll want to catch the whole thing. Can't wait to see you there!

If you're looking something to tide you over:

  1. The Machine is spinning the acoustic performance I did in their studio when I stopped by for an interview. You can download a podcast version of the song right here!
  2. I recently stopped by Fearless Radio for an interview and acoustic performance. You can stream or download it here, or get it straight from the iTunes store.
  3. Seth Arkin also did an interview and thoughtful write-up on his music blog today. Thanks for the love, Seth!

But wait, there's more! On Thursday, I'll be on the Nick Digilio show on WGN 720 AM. And speaking of AM, the show is early: I'll be on at 2:00 a.m. But don't worry — it'll be available to stream and download later in the day. Live in Europe? Awesome! You can tune in live here.

Sorry, Ohio!

FYI, Ohio friends,
I'm sorry to report we had to cancel the show in Canton this Friday. We're working on making it up to you later this summer. Stay tuned!

Possession with intent to sell

Maybe after I’ve been through this process a few more times, it’ll be easier to articulate how incredible it feels to hold these in my hands. Two years ago, these songs were just riffs and melodies I was humming and hearing in my head. Now they have a UPC.

On Tuesday, you can hear them for yourself. Here's how:

1. If you’re in Chicago, come to Elbo Room on Tuesday night (click here for details). Not only will these babies be for sale, but thanks to my awesome band, you can try before you buy. Live! Follow the attached link for event details.

2. The album will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Rdio, Shazam, Beats, and BandCamp. Pick your poison.

3. Just browsing? No problem. You can find me on Spotify, too.

Hope to see you Tuesday!

Release Announcement


It's finally done. The messy recording experiment I started in my practice studio in Fall of 2013 has been mixed, mastered, and dolled up by some very patient pros. And now it has a fitting name: Could Be Anything.

It's coming to a digital store or stream near you on Tuesday, March 17. iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Bandcamp, Walden Books, Borders, you name it.

That's also my birthday, which I'll be celebrating at Chicago's Elbo Room with drinking, dancing, and a debut performance with a full band line-up, plus my friends Shadow of the Titan, Two Weeks Notice, and wallclouds. For more info, head over to the tour page.

Thanks to all of you who've helped. Whether you listened to demos, gave time, attention, or even just the occasional "Like," don't let my lonely name on the album cover fool you. This was a team effort.

And however you obtain this album, thanks for supporting music and making it so gosh darn fun. Keep listening and sharing, and I hope to see you at a show sometime soon.


OK, I said I had an announcement, so here it is.

After years of starts and restarts, I've finally finished making a record. It ain't too shiny and it's just a short and sweet EP—four rapid fire rock songs—but it's something I've wanted to do since I was a teenager and (shamefully) never managed to complete until now.

Starting in March, I'm making up for lost time by releasing the record on iTunes, Spotify, and wherever else fine music is compressed and streamed.

Then, I'm hitting the road with Stephen Mortensen, playing bass in his new band, Shadow of the Titan, and trading instruments with him to perform a set of my own at certain shows. Big thanks to Stephen for including me on his tour. Stay tuned for show announcements, coming soon.

To everyone who has been supporting me for years with friendship, patience, coming to shows, or even just clicking "Like" now and then, know that nothing—nothing—goes unnoticed or unappreciated. Without all of you, this would just be band practice.

Want to get involved? Want me to play at your house party? Got a couch in the Midwest where we can crash? Got a podcast and need a charming guest? Send me a message. No idea is too crazy at this point.

Let's do this!