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Tickets on sale for 8/20 in Wicker Park

It's been a while since you've heard from me. I've had my head down in the studio, writing new songs with Gabe and Pat, experimenting with some new sounds and even doing a bit of recording.

There's lots to catch up on, but we have a chance to do it in person pretty soon. Get your tickets to hang with us in Wicker Park on Saturday, Aug. 20. Music starts at 9:00, but only for people over 21. Sorry, kids.



OK, I said I had an announcement, so here it is.

After years of starts and restarts, I've finally finished making a record. It ain't too shiny and it's just a short and sweet EP—four rapid fire rock songs—but it's something I've wanted to do since I was a teenager and (shamefully) never managed to complete until now.

Starting in March, I'm making up for lost time by releasing the record on iTunes, Spotify, and wherever else fine music is compressed and streamed.

Then, I'm hitting the road with Stephen Mortensen, playing bass in his new band, Shadow of the Titan, and trading instruments with him to perform a set of my own at certain shows. Big thanks to Stephen for including me on his tour. Stay tuned for show announcements, coming soon.

To everyone who has been supporting me for years with friendship, patience, coming to shows, or even just clicking "Like" now and then, know that nothing—nothing—goes unnoticed or unappreciated. Without all of you, this would just be band practice.

Want to get involved? Want me to play at your house party? Got a couch in the Midwest where we can crash? Got a podcast and need a charming guest? Send me a message. No idea is too crazy at this point.

Let's do this!